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We’re excited to officially announce Delphi Ventures, a new division of our company that will focus on providing long-term financial and intellectual capital to the most promising projects in the space. While we finalize this page, we wanted to share our journey with you and where we're headed.

The Journey of Delphi

We started Delphi Digital with one simple mission: to build the best institutional-grade research firm dedicated to the emerging frontier of crypto and digital assets. It feels like a lifetime ago that we all abandoned promising careers elsewhere in order to enter the digital asset space full-time. While to many this seemed like a reckless decision, we couldn’t help but sense that something truly important was happening here; a paradigm-defining opportunity on par with the birth of the internet.

When we left the traditional finance world, we were early, and we knew that. If this technology was to ever reach its full potential, there would need to be institutional buy-in; the transition would need to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary; if institutional capital was ever going to get involved, someone needed to cut through the noise.

As such, in the depths of the bear market, we launched Delphi Digital and took on the challenge of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the frontiers of the digital asset market. We are proud of the reputation we have built and are honored by the growing trust placed in us from some of the most prestigious funds, investors, and institutions in the industry.

Leveraging our financial experience, our team has pioneered new modes of understanding how value can accrue to decentralized networks and the native digital assets powering them. For example, our unique use of on-chain metrics paired with technical analysis enabled us to call the bottom in BTC in Q1 2019.

The quality of our work has allowed us the privilege of engaging with some of the most influential participants in crypto. One highlight in particular occurred in the wake of our Ethereum 2.0 report, where our analysis and critiques of Ethereum’s token economics prompted ongoing discussions with Vitalik Buterin and the core development team. The opportunity to share our analysis, models, and insights with those directly building out one of the largest decentralized networks both humbled and motivated us to become more active participants in this emerging industry.

In addition to analyzing digital assets independently for our research subscribers, we realized we could play an active role in shaping the evolution of these projects. Thus, our consulting business was born; auditing, designing, and enhancing the cryptoeconomic models that lie at the core of decentralized networks. As a result, we began to receive inbound requests from funds and enterprise clients on how to understand and invest beyond the simple hype of blockchain technology.

We quickly became a trusted source for many of the top fund managers and crypto enthusiasts alike. But as we dug deeper, we began to see a clear opportunity for us to be active participants and investors in the projects and teams we thought so highly of. Broadly speaking, we saw a consistent misallocation of capital, with firms following each other into rounds at untenable valuations for pre-launch projects with no clear path to value-accrual and no justifiable use for those amounts of capital. On the other hand, our research led us to identify early stage projects with extremely promising ideas that we believed were being underfunded.

Delphi Ventures represents the next natural step in fulfilling our ambitions of advancing the understanding and development of the growing digital asset market. This phase of our growth has also seen the expansion of our geographical reach with the addition of three high-calibre European partners in our newly established London office. Whilst we began by deploying only intellectual capital, we now seek to combine this with the financial firepower to maximize the impact of our dedicated team.

It all started with a hunch – albeit one strong enough to bet our careers on – that has forged into iron-clad conviction in the magnitude of the opportunity that lies in front of us. We’ve always taken great pride in our relationships with many of our clients, which is why we’re incredibly excited to work even more closely with all those interested in what we’re building. None of us has a monopoly on ideas and we invite all those seeking to collaborate with our team to reach out directly to any one of our global partners. Join us on our mission in the Delphi 2.0 era!

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