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We started Delphi Digital with one simple mission: to build the best institutional-grade research firm focused exclusively on crypto and digital assets. Leveraging our expertise in finance and investment research, our specialty is applying rigorous financial analysis to understand what drives value to these emerging networks and financial instruments.

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“Delphi Digital originally predicted the bitcoin price would reach a bottom by Q1 2019 in their State of Bitcoin report released in December. The team's reasoning behind their most recent call is mostly based on blockchain analysis, macroeconomic trends, and various forms of technical analysis.”

“The apparent runaway success of the token offers a glimpse into just how frenzied the speculation has become over the future of decentralized finance, or DeFi – blockchain-enabled systems, mostly using the Ethereum network, that allow for the lending and trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, without the need for trusted intermediaries like banks and centralized exchanges. "DeFi is hitting its stride and the space will continue to accelerate,” the research firm Delphi Digital wrote Wednesday in a report."

“Delphi Digital uses “Unspent Transaction Output” (UXTO) data to sort Bitcoins by the last time they were moved. The amount of time an amount of Bitcoin stays still is referred to as its “UXTO age.” “In the days following the selloff, there was additional movement from slightly older holders in the 6-12 month range and 12-18 month range, with heightened exchange inflows to match,” said the firm.”

Our Team

Managing Partner

Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA

Head of Research

Medio Demarco

Head of Consulting

Jose Maria Macedo

Head of Corporate Development

Tom Shaughnessy

Chief Operating Officer

Anil Lulla

Global Head of Macro Strategy

Kevin Kelly, CFA

Chief Technology Officer

Luke Saunders


Paul Burlage


Alex Gedevani


Piers Kicks

Board Member

Anthony Pompliano


Sergio Mottola

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