We employ a multi-disciplinary approach combining traditional valuation methods & economic principles with concepts specific to decentralized systems. Many of the most prominent funds, investors, and financial institutions leverage our team’s research to uncover actionable opportunities within the space. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned investor, Delphi has you covered with the most in-depth research platform dedicated to crypto & digital assets.

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The State of Bitcoin 2020
The State of Bitcoin 2020
A special edition of our Bitcoin Outlook for the third halving!
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The State of Ethereum 2020
The State of Ethereum 2020
Our inaugural monthly Ethereum Ecosystem Analysis report - special edition for ETH's 5th birthday. We dig into the Ethereum ecosystem led by DeFi and unpack the latest on the road to Eth 2.0.
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Research Methodology

Our research focuses on a variety of different themes in the space. Breaking down complex topics (e.g. DeFi, DAOs, Oracles) and the notable projects driving each sector in a digestible format for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Our main goal is to save you time while giving you a shortcut to the right answer.

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What Our Readers Say

I can't think of a team that does a better job separating signal from the immense amount of noise that crypto investors and analysts have to parse through in this space. They are essential in helping clients develop a comprehensive point of view on the landscape and its nuances.

Ben Forman

Ben Forman

Founder and Managing Partner at ParaFi Capital

Delphi's team is passionate about the space and the quality of their analysis is top notch. Their diligent yet pragmatic approach to network valuation and token economic structuring has pushed our industry forward, solidifying Delphi's role as an important thought leader in the community.

Joe Lubin

Joe Lubin

Co-Founder of Ethereum & Founder of ConsenSys

Delphi Digital produces first-class research for smart institutional market participants. Their protocol-level deep dives help inform trade theses, while the market commentary delivers macro and technical insights. We appreciate being able to bounce ideas off the Delphi team.

Joshua Lim

Joshua Lim

Head of Derivatives at Genesis Global Trading

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The Delphi Daily
Market Commentary
Thematic Insights
Bitcoin Outlook
Ethereum Ecosystem Analysis
Macro Monthly
Audio Notes + Interviews
Bottom-Up Research Reports
Project Coverage Updates
Report Walkthroughs
Analyst Calls
Data Dashboards
Live Economic Models
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