Disclosure: Members of our team are participating in the following farms. This statement is intended to disclose any conflict of interest and should not be misconstrued as a recommendation to purchase any token or participate in any farms. This content is for informational purposes only and you should not make decisions based solely on it. This is not investment advice.


Adamant is a yield optimizer vault that automatically compounds yield on Matic. For additional information on Adamant you can read about it here. All data mentioned below is current as of May 7th, 2021. Yield calculations are provided by Adamant.finance. To access Adamant’s site, you’ll need to configure your MetaMask to run Matic’s Mainnet using this guide.

Exposure Summary –

  • Exposure: Stable
  • Staked Asset(s): QuickSwap LP Shares (50/50 Pool)
  • Subjec

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