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In the span of the past few hours, YAM, a self-described experimental protocol in fair farming, governance, and elasticity, publicly introduced itself and initiated it’s ‘fair-farming’ pools (3 pm EST). LP’s of these respective pools are rewarded $YAM. YAM token is essentially an AMPL clone, with the caveat that 10% of positive rebases are used to buy yCRV. This yCRV is then held in a community governed treasury and used to support price stability. We have written on AMPL’s rebase mechanisms extensively in previous Dailys and Thematic pieces, so please refer here for more information.  

First of all. This project is unaudited, and therefore please be aware of the risks you bear when liquidity provisioning on YAM. 

Now that’s out of the way, there are 8 pools in which one can LP for, and these are outlined in the chart below. All one has to do is stake the respective token, for example, YFI, in YAM’s staking contract to farm YAM. As a note, you can not stake AMPL, but rather the AMPL/ETH Uniswap LP token. All data is as of 3:30 pm EST.


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