Key Points:

xDEFI is a browser extension wallet similar to Metamask but with a multi-chain strategy, additional focus on DeFi and improved user experience. xDEFI seeks to be a drop-in replacement for Metamask which instead of being Ethereum only, supports everything.

  • If dApp activity starts to move to other chains, a gap in the browser extension market may open which xDEFI will be well positioned to fill
  • Seed funded by Thorchain who see value in xDEFI providing the simplest interface to sign transaction for multichain swaps. We expect the Thorchain community to bootstrap the user base for xDEFI
  • The team has impressive velocity with the three founders building a working initial product in just over two months
  • At launch Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Chain will be supported but Solana, Polkadot and others are planned
  • By working with and attracting key ecosystem players such as other layer 1s and leading dApps, xDEFI can ensure first-class support for those projects and in doing so attract their communities as users

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