Last week, a few members and friends of our team went in together to purchase “The Disclosure Face” NFT on Zora for 140,000 USDC (~$140k). Since then, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding our thesis around this investment and my non-crypto native friends had some great questions regarding the value of NFTs long-term. I felt like this was a great opportunity to walk through our thought process during this auction as well as outline the power NFTs give to both artists and fans.

It’s no secret our team has been an investor and supporter of the NFT market for some time now. Last September, we put together a similar post to this one where we outlined Why We Spent $159K on Digital Battle Pets known as Axies. That being said, a few weeks ago we sent a note to clients highlighting the recent growth and cautioning our clients to stay safe out there as the hype within the NFT marke

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