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This post is designed to inject a dose of realism into one of the oldest projects in the space, Gnosis. The project was one of the first Dapps on Ethereum releasing their alpha in Q3 2015. In the interim five years Gnosis has experienced some level of scope creep. As evidenced by the recent and very public spat with a key investor, Arca, Gnosis is currently at a crossroads. The path forward for Gnosis must involve restructuring their token design and increasing transparency with both their investors and the broader Gnosis community. Given the traction with their multi-signature Safe, Gnosis still shows that there is great potential to add value to the Ethereum ecosytem.

Arca Throws Down the Gauntlet 

Arca, the digital asset management firm, was an early investor in Gnosis and has decided to take on an activist role. Over the summer they made a tender offer for all circulating GNO tokens giving existing holders an exit opportunity. Those who declined the buy-out would be part of a token split receiving 10 tokens for every 1 held. The feud boiled over last month in a now public deck Arca laid out their claims of mismanagement and offered a comprehensive path forward. In their eyes, aside from the fundamental issues with the tokenomics, Gnosis failed to remain transparent about how funds were being spent and if they were making any major changes to token structure. Their claims, as stated in the deck are as follows: 

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