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We’ve added a new product for our Insights and Institutional subscribers today – and the first edition just went out today!

The purpose of the Weekly Farms is to provide you with the best stablecoin/BTC/ETH farming strategies out there that have no or relatively low impermanent loss risk. We think this is an interesting niche within the farming ecosystem. Occasionally, though, we may explore or highlight tasty opportunities outside of this niche. Check out our subscriptions tiers today to gain access!






Harvest Finance

Harvest Finance is a yield aggregator that offers DeFi users the ability to access a wide variety of yield farming opportunities from a single interface. Going beyond just aggregating strategies, Harvest also saves users a significant amount of money on gas.

People deposit funds into a vault for a particular asset and strategy, like a USDC vault that farms CRV on Curve Finance. Instead of hundreds of farmers individually claiming and selling their CRV, the vault does it for all of them in a single transaction.

If this sounds eerily similar to yEarn Finance, that’s because it is. yEarn’s token, YFI, was the poster child for DeFi Summer, but the protocol has come to somewhat of a standstill in recent months.

Harvest has been adding new strategies and has achieved a fairly sticky TVL despite succumbing to one of DeFi’ largest exploits. Additionally, its native token, FARM, is already undergoing a re-pricing as the market takes note of Harvest’s growth.

February 2021 Analyst Call

We have updated the format of our monthly calls by using Demio to allow Institutional members to join live and ask questions via chat. For any members who can’t make it, we record the calls and share the full videos along with clipped segments for anyone interested in a specific topic. Below are the topics covered on the recent call:
  • Market Overview with Kevin Kelly.
  • Bitcoin Outlook + CRV Update with Paul Burlage.
  • SUSHI & UNI Comparison with Ashwath Balakrishnan.
  • NBA TopShots Highlight with Alex Gedevani.
  • Mirror & Terra Analysis with Medio Demarco.
  • State of Algo Stablecoins and Our Upcoming ESD Proposal with Yan Liberman.




Cosmos’ Catalysts; BSC Makes Some Noise by Medio Demarco

Revenge of the Yam (Yam Finance) by Alex Gedvani

Key Takeaways:

The Curve Bull Case, StakeDAO Strategies, and Managing Mbappé by Jonathan Erlich

Key Takeaways:


MetaMask: Aggregating The Aggregator by Paul Burlage

The unfolding MetaMask story reveals valuable insights on the emergent and ever-evolving Ethereum defi stack. In particular, aggregators, as well as underlying liquidity protocols.

With the rise of DEX aggregators, smart-order routing made it more efficient to trade on aggregator venues rather than going straight to the liquidity source (for the most part). The growth in both 1inch and Matcha (0x project) volume exemplifies this trend. DEX aggregators source liquidity, while AMMs/MMs must surface liquidity, and therefore, aggregators compete for flow, while AMMs compete for LP capital. Two different ball-games, but both still highly competitive incentive games. It is also interesting to think about who is the stickier customer between traders and LPs.

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