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The above statement was made in a recent podcast that I hosted with Robbie Ferguson, the Co-Founder of Immutable who are the company behind the popular Gods Unchained blockchain card game. It struck me as a brilliant catchphrase, but to what extent might this actually be true?

It is no secret that many early crypto adopters self-identify as gamers. Those participants in the space that grew up playing video games tend to have a proclivity for computers and tech in general. They often exhibit a solid understanding of both the hardware and software underpinning the machines of today, with many having built and optimised their rigs (or gaming PCs for the uninitiated) across multiple iterative generations of components. It seems to have transpired that these individuals acclimatize quickly to the world of digital assets, largely due to them possessing many of the characteristics one might expect from a “crypto native”. What’s more, many of them actually found crypto through games and/or related tech forums. Whilst the low hanging fruit has likely already been plucked, perhaps there is room for further saturation of this audience.

It’s evident that on the surface, the implementation of blockchain technologies in the context of gaming seems to have an exceptionally well-fit user base that are likely able to cope with the inevitable teething pains that this corner of the industry in particular suffers from (UX). 

Key gamer characteristics of relevance

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