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Today marks the beginning of FEI’s Genesis event. With the recent speculative flurry around Olympus DAO (OHM), Float farming, Empty Set Dollar v1.5/2 developments, Gyroscope Protocol’s gamified test-net, and Frax Finance’s multi-chain ambitions, the decentralized algorithmic stablecoin sphere is very much alive. Some projects will naturally fall, but as has always been the case, the addressable market (not necessarily a winner take all outcome) is enormous – which, makes the asymmetric upside for these projects incredibly attractive for prospective investors and speculators. While all the aforementioned projects are compelling in their own right, this post will quickly cover FEI’s Genesis event. Buckle up, folks; this is one of the more interesting bootstrapping / IDO events we have seen.

Starting off, users can commit ETH to the Fei Protocol bonding curve. In return, participants receive a pro-rata share of the FEI (stablecoin) raised. It is important to realize there is no benefit to entering early. The FEI received by participants is only known after the Genesis period has expired. The bonding curve price of FEI starts at $0.5 and scales up to $1.01 as more ETH enters the curve. There is around 56,869 ETH committed as of writing, which translates to a $109M value committed. This w

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