Hi everyone, today we are extremely excited to kick off our first AMA with Carson Cook, the founder of Tokemak. We also have several members of the Tokemak team including Bruno (Head of Tokenecon), Paul (Head of Design/Social) and Conor (Head of Communications). Tokemak is aiming to be a crucial part of DeFi as the core utility for sustainable liquidity. As a disclosure, Delphi is an investor in Tokemak and a transcript of this AMA will be shared with Delphi Digital Members. We are aiming for a 60 minute AMA so feel free to answer questions at your own speed.

  • Tokemak’s Twitter:
  • Our Tweet Thread:
  • Our Last Podcast (and Transcript) with Carson: Carson Cook: Tokemak Is The Decentralized Liquidity Engine for DeFi

Hey Tom thanks for having us!

To start off, Carson, Bruno, Paul and Conor can you share a bit about your backgrounds?

Hi I’ll start off – background is technology, PHD in physics, a master’s in electrical engineering. I was at McKinsey for a number of years in financial services and traded before entering into crypto market making.

Hi all, Bruno here. Currently focused on Tokenomics at Tokemak. My background is with a fortune 500 tech company in the

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