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I’ve lost many nights scrolling endlessly through the depths of Tik Tok, the short videos are a dopamine rush and the endless creation and iteration of new templates keeps the party going. Young creators, such as the D’amelio sisters have earned millions, starting from simple dancing videos and creating audiences with millions of users. 


The viral sensation speaks for itself: everyday 1 billion videos are consumed on Tik Tok, the app has been downloaded 2 billion times and reached 1 billion users faster than any other app (in ~2.5 years vs WeChat in ~6 years and Facebook in ~8 years). 

President Trump has expressed that the app should be banned in the U.S., following other countries who have banned the app over security concerns as the app can steal important information and data from user’s phones. Tik Tok is far from dead, but a U.S. ban would seriously impact the app.


Enter crypto. If Tik Tok were to be unilaterally banned, it would make for the single best and free marketing event for a Web3 alternative to take its place. A blockchain based version of Tik Tok would be impossible to shut down, and creators and viewers could validate exactly what information they are sharing instead of playing news roulette on what they think they are giving away. 


Web3 has been a vague notion; directionally the crypto space is looking to create consumer friendly and viral applications where users own

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