Since the release of our report in August, the engagement we’ve encountered from DXdao’s community has been nothing short of incredible. 

As we outlined in that report, there were a number of aspects within the DAO that we thought could be improved. Since becoming members, a few of our team members have been focused on a few key facets which we have put together in this report. We’ll be posting these proposals on the DXdao’s Daotalk forum tomorrow. 

  • Governance – We propose a new methodology for calculating voting power based on three main factors: DXD staked, REP balance, and Future Days Staked. 
  • Bonding Curve – We propose a new bonding curve shape, allowing DXdao to continue fundraising while also improving the scarcity of DXD. 
  • Unified UI & Improved UX – We present a mockup of a new user interface that aggregates all of DXdao’s products and membership functionality into a single portal. 

Whether you’re a member of DXdao or not, we believe anyone curious about any of these aspects would find the analysis we put forward within this report interesting. In fact, certain suggestions may be able to be easily applied to other live projects or even yet-to-be-released protocols. 

If you have any ideas or questions regarding anything presented in this report, we’d love to hear from you.

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