The Graph: Creating a Subgraph for ESD to Improve our Research and Give Back to the Community

Today’s daily is a guide for creating a subgraph and aimed at a more technical audience, though non-technical members may still gain some insight.

Disclaimer: Delphi Digital is part of The Graph’s curator program.

As we explained in our previous daily, The Graph protocol allows anyone to create subgraphs for a project or set of smart contracts and submit it to the network. Once the subgraph exists, individuals, dApps and companies can easily and quickly query that data using the intuitive and popular GraphQL protocol.

One of our pain points at Delphi Digital is getting data for the projects we’re researching. Often we rely on third party data providers or CSV exports from community created charts on Dune Analytics but it would be better if we were able to go straight to the source (the smart contracts) to pull exactly the data we see as valuable.

Empty Set Dollar (ESD) Subgraph

ESD is stablecoin that has an innovative design th

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