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StarkWare is one of the most important projects in crypto that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. Part of that is due to their focus on zero-knowledge proofs, a promising technology that few understand, and another part due to their lack of a token, which means the broader community has less incentive to pay attention. As our long time members might recall, we first wrote about StarkWare back in April 2019 in a Thematic Insights on Zero-Knowledge Proofs. In that report, we highlighted a new product they were testing called StarkDEX, a settlement engine for decentralized exchanges built in conjunction with the 0x development team. While not quite the same product as StarkEx, a settlement engine geared towards centralized exchanges, they enable many of the same benefits.

Source: StarkWare Blog


As of today, StarkEx is now live on Ethereum’s Mainnet and is being used to power a relaunched DeversiFi. StarkEx is a non-custodial settlement engine that allows DeversiFi to now offer the following benefits:

  1. Speed – Settles 9,000+ trades per second on-chain, a massive increase
  2. Liquidity – Aggregates liquid

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