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For those of you that might not know Marguerite deCourcelle, more commonly referred to as Coin Artist, she has been producing renowned cryptographic puzzles for over 6 years. Her first piece, the Darkwallet Puzzle, dates back to early 2014 and was actually the most viral thread on bitcointalk for some time. The trail she architected forced her puzzlers to adopt various forms of coded messaging, traverse a number of digital landscapes, and even venture through a custom Minecraft server in pursuit of the 3.4 BTC treasure.

The following year, she published the stunning “The Legend of Satoshi Nakomoto” artwork shown below.

Embedded within that image lay 5 BTC, but it took puzzlers almost three years to finally crack it and unlock access to the famous 1FLAMEN6 bitcoin address. At the time of redemption, the coins were worth $50,000. 

Since then, Marguerite

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