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  • This project is very early still, there have been no official audits of the contracts used thus far. The initial farming period has concluded, and all seems to have gone to plan.

  • The core founding team has chosen to remain anonymous for now, having stated they currently work for other projects across the industry.

  • Information remains scarce, despite the high-level concept being compelling. Lots of these ideas sound great but also coincide with recent hype, so beware. I am not personally investing in this project until more details and evidence of competence and execution ability arise. That being said, I wanted to flag it in a quick note as one to watch as it does seem appealing.

  • Another member of the Delphi team holds SHROOM.

Project summary:

Shroom Finance proposes to be a 100% community owned DeFi protocol, governed through a DAO, that focuses on in-game asset minting, launches, and trading. The platform could ultimately become a useful tool for developers to bootstrap their in-game economies. Via the Shroom protocol, game projects are able to tap into growing DeFi liquidity and toolsets, and users/farmers are able to help drive in-game economies to maturity and maintain ownership within the

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