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“You’ve got mail!” Blackberry pioneered the first ever email notifications but of course it was Apple who introduced the mainstream to push new notifications with the rollout of Apple Push Notifications (APNs) in 2009. This revolutionized the way we interact with technology and solved the communications gap that had existed in Web 2. APNs are initiated by the publisher rather than requested by the receiver. Notifications have branched to many forms such as one to one, one to many, and use in subscriptions 

Most importantly, back when Apple launched notifications for internet apps, engagement rates increased by 7x and vastly improved the user experience. Fast forward to today and Daywise estimates smartphone users now receive up to 73 notifications per day! That amount may be overkill but the point stands that notifications have proliferated the internet.

I bring up this example because I believe we are about to experience deja vu. Think about it. On a frequent basis, we interact with many dApps and channels like Medium, Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. The problem is this leads to the fragmentation of user attention and broken communications, which could be a barrier to mainstream adoption. We put up with it because there is no better alternative. Crypto twitter is great, but the industry will eventually outgrow it as more users flood to the space. The need for a crypto product that funnels info to you is apparent once you consider that the internet is

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