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  • Polygon currently has two scaling solutions live today – 1) a PoS chain with lower security guarantees and 2) a Plasma bridge with higher security guarantees. Their Plasma solution can be considered a true “Layer 2”.
  • Polygon now secures ~$3.5B in total value split across their PoS chain (~$3.1B) and Plasma (~$400M). Most of the growth has happened over the past month, driven by a high gas fee environment on Ethereum. Polygon’s EVM-compatible solutions have made it easy for existing dApps to migrate over while projects like Connext have helped facilitate cross-chain liquidity inflows.
  • A robust ecosystem has quickly formed on Polygon, led by blue chips such as Aave, Sushi and Curve, to name a few. A strong business development team, a new $100m ecosystem fund and an active community are helping to further spur ecosystem growth and integrations.
  • While estimates vary on throughput potential, Polygon’s PoS chain was able to reach 7,200 TPS on testnet with 100 validators. On mainnet, we’ve seen instances of 300+ TPS but we’d need more str

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