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If you fall asleep, you may miss the fork of the day. Percent Finance has launched a fork of Compound that features a 20M hard-capped PCT supply and aggressive yield farming issuance rewards. The project has no premine, VCs, or investors, and 100% of the supply is available to the community. 

  • Phase I (Week 1–2): 10,000,000 PCT
  • Phase II (Week 3–4): 6,000,000 PCT
  • Phase III (Year 1): 4,000,000 PCT

To earn PCT, users have to deposit balancer LP shares in any of the following eight pools.

  • DAI/WETH (50/50)
  • USDC/WETH (50/50)
  • COMP/WETH (50/50)
  • LINK/WETH (50/50)
  • BAL/WETH (50/50)
  • YFI/WETH (50/50)
  • WBTC/WETH (50/50)
  • PCT/WETH (50/50) (2X Rewards)

These pools were open for deposits ahead of time, and rewards began to pools at 9:00 am EST for all pools and around 9:48 am est for the PCT/WETH pool as users needed time to earn PCT to then deposit into the balancer pool and then stake those balancer LP shares in the PCT/WETH contract. While Percent allowed deposits ahead of liquidity mining, the project has already attracted $125M in TVL.

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