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Today, after 1 month of working closely with the Aragon team and community on several different proposals regarding the future of $ANJ, our proposal to buyout $ANJ holders who lock their converted $ANT for 12 months was voted in by $ANT holders at a conversion price of 0.044ANT/ANJ ($0.138 at current prices). This represents an excellent outcome for $ANJ holders who only 8 weeks ago were being forced to sell at 0.015 ANT ($0.05 at current prices).

This was by far the winning vote, with over 4x more yes votes than the next best, the proposal to buy out $ANJ holders at 0.048 ANJ/ANT. This also received 5x higher participation than any other $ANT vote this year.

The price of $ANJ has already reacted, up over 100% in the hours since the vote.

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