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The NFT market is undeniably hot right now, with the vast majority of record-breaking sales happening within the last 30 days. We have seen an Axie Estate sell for 888 ETH, Danny pickup a HashMask for 420 ETH, and an all-time high CryptoPunk sale for 605 ETH. Millions of dollars are changing hands daily across projects both old and new. There is currently record engagement from high-profile figures with large audiences outside of crypto such as Mark Cuban, Mesut Ozil, and even Lindsy Lohan (top indicator?). Following on from an explosive end to last year, Crypto Art pioneer Beeple is even back with the first ever purely digital artwork to be sold at the renowned auction house Christie’s. If I was a betting man I would suggest, without hesitation, that this piece will easily exceed the largest NFT sale to date. The (crypto) cat is very m

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