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Keep3r: Democratizing Network Maintenance

One of the defining features of the DeFi boom of 2020 has been consuming anything and everything by developer Andre Cronje. Best known for (which we recently covered in detail) Andre has arguably been the pivotal figure for bringing DeFi into the crypto zeitgeist. For better or worse this was further demonstrated by the fiasco whereby investors lost $15m after sending funds to an unaudited, unreleased contract. Though $8m out of a total $15m lost was recovered the episode illustrates the influence that Cronje has in the space.

Therefore, it was not surprising that on October 28th when Cronje released his new project, Keep3r Network, that the network token immediately soared from an initial price of ~$36 to approximately $383 in the first 24 hours of trading. At the time of writing, KP3R tokens still traded around $188. The project has been audited though is still in beta.

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