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Similar to how we saw the evolution of stablecoins lead us to smart stablecoins and a myriad of utility, what may come next is the evolution of the utility of BTC on Ethereum. BadgerDAO is working to create a product suite that accelerates the growth of BTC on DeFi. It aims to be a unified force in building out utility for the integration of BTC on ethereum.  

BadgerDAO is not like most other projects. Security has always been top of mind with an audit done even before the fair launch started. The community driven approach and strategic initiatives to become deep-rooted in the ecosystem are working so far. It’s been able to amass a community of BTC and DeFi natives who care about increasing the functionality of the industry’s largest asset. 

Why is Badger interesting? 

  • The project is a first mover in the role somewhat similar to a specialized Yearn with targeted focus on the larges

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