Helium and Melon are two super interesting projects in the space. The former is building a nationwide IoT network with its own blockchain/native token and the latter is a platform for on-chain active funds. 

With positive price action for both Helium (HNT, ~$0.20 to $2) and Melon Protocol (MLN, $5 to $50+), it is always worth reviewing both with a cautious eye. Our original note on Helium can be viewed here and our MIP proposal on Melon here.  

Helium: The People’s Network

Helium is a project building a nationwide (now expanding globally) IoT network through the sale of nodes to retail users. These nodes have since covered the United States – being the first project to essentially blanket the U.S. in IoT coverage through a retail movement. Node count has 3x’d since our initial note to 6.5k+.

As a quick refresher, Helium is trying to build the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network leveraging its own blockchain and a native token. Initially, the team was focused on the domestic market, but has since begun to expand its IoT network globally through the sale of nodes to companies and individual users alike. These nodes now cover much of the continental United States, becoming the first project to essentially blanket the U.S. in IoT coverage, largely driven by retail investors and users. The total number of nodes has tripled since our initial note to more than 6,500 globally.

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