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Maker is the largest decentralized finance application on Ethereum, with $524M in ETH locked to back ~$120M worth of Dai, a decentralized stablecoin used within the DeFi ecosystem for payments, value transfer, applications and more.


Recently, the Maker community ran a number of polls (non-binding) to judge community support for adding 10 different assets as potential collateral for the system. New collateral sources would drive the creation of more Dai since people can take out Dai against these assets.


There are a few implications from the polls:


  1. The new collateral types include real-world assets, such as freight invoices which would open up real-world assets to crypto as a collateral type

  2. The addition of more collateral types could drive immense Dai creation as people are able to basically monetize their dormant assets (collateral) to obtain a liquid asset (Dai).

  3. These polls are not binding governance agreements, they are simply polls and a ton of risk modeling work and upkeep will have to be done to judge whether or not these assets should be added.

  4. When looking at the weighted participation rates for the polls (participation of holders multiplied by yes or no percent), the turnout is still within the sub 10% range, which

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