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Preface: The Best Way To Learn Is Participation

Over the weekend, our team sent our members a sneak peek at a proposal we just published on one of our investments, PowerPool’s community forums. Today, I’ll be sharing a follow up to that proposal where I’ll discuss some of the areas we think are important for the community to think through before moving forward. Additionally, I’ll share some additional ideas we’ve had after receiving a lot of great feedback from our own team as well as some of our readers!

One reason I love being able to send these proposals to all of you is because it’s a great way to get a lot of unique perspectives to think through a proposal or project they might have not necessarily been focused on before. As all of you know, we have a consulting division where we work with a wide-array of projects to engineer rational and balanced network economies that promote organic ecosystem growth. This includes early stage projects aiming to integrate a token as well fully functioning token economies looking to fine tune their structure.

We’ve seen an important shift over the past two years since we started Delphi in how our consulting process with these projects has evolved. Now we aren’t simply presenting our proposals to a few members of the team. Instead, we publish our analysis and findings for the community to factor into the decisions that they will ultimately make. 

We’ve seen this first hand time and time a

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