Delphi Podcast Host Tom Shaughnessy  hosts an expert panel to discuss their top DeFi/Crypto plays for 2021. 

This conversation originally occurred on Clubhouse (recorded with guest permission) and be sure to follow Tom Shaughnessy on Clubhouse for any future rooms!

  • Ryan Zurrer – Founder of Dialectic AG.
  • Dan Elitzer – Co-Founder of Nascent.
  • Andrew Kang – Founder of Mechanism Capital.
  • Sasha Fleyshman – Junior PM, Special Situations at Arca.
  • Dan Matuszewski – CMS Holdings.
  • Hassan Bassiri – VP, Portfolio Management at Arca.
  • TM Lee, Co-Founder of Coingecko.

The full interview transcript is available below!

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