In this report, we take a look into some of Ethereum’s strengthening fundamentals to go along with the latest trends across DEXs, stablecoins, notable apps on Ethereum and more. The risk-on environment has not only fueled yield farming but also generated a level of excitement not seen since arguably 2017. There are dozens of new projects launching seemingly every week. Fair launches are top of mind within the community and we’ve entered into a phase where protocol defensibility from forks is increasingly important.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two elements that every project needs to consider going forward are carefully designed “fair launches” and having a fork defense strategy in an open-source environment.


  • Ethereum daily transaction fees continue to skyrocket, now totalling $103m mid-way through Sept., set to easily pass the $115m mark from August.


  • Per Etherscan, an avg. of 209 contracts are being verified daily in September, surpassing highs of 167 seen in July 2018. This is up from an average of 50 in Jan 2020.


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