This report is not like our others. Throughout it, we’ll highlight the many flaws DXdao currently has, and those we expect it to have in the future if things are left unchanged. The critiques may even lead you to question why our Venture arm would consider making an investment to begin with. As our team mentioned in this thematic from last year, we believe that DAOs have the potential to dramatically reinvent how people organize themselves, pool their resources, and coordinate their actions to achieve a common goal. So why DXdao? Because the rarity of how it organically came together, the objective of what it’s working to build, its sizable treasury, and the dedication of its large membership are not easily replicated or seen elsewhere.

Our goal is to make DXdao the destination for any developer out there looking to build but who lacks the team and financing to support them. We want it to attract long-term oriented members, interested in joining a DeFi community that cares about and services their needs. We want it to be an open incubator for ideas, with the headcount and capital reserves to make them a reality. We want DXdao to exist with one goal – to build DeFi infrastructure for the common good of its membership.

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