Today, our team couldn’t be more excited to introduce our clients to Delphi Data! This product of Delphi will aim to provide proprietary dashboards which will be guided and complement our research.

The first two dashboards we’re releasing for Institutional members are: Developer Activity Explorer and a Low-Mid Market Cap DMR Dashboard. To help provide some context, we’ve put together a Thematic Insights report to help walk through these dashboards. For the next week, we’ll be allowing Insights members to also see and play around with these dashboards! Scroll down below to interact with both, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


As researchers covering the blockchain space, our goal is to find great projects early. We’re fortunate to have been able to do this with REN, SNX, RUNE, NXM, and others. However, with an average of 70 new tokens listed each month, it’s difficult for us to dive into each one at the depth required to independently gauge their potential.

In this report, we begin by exploring the difficulty of uniformly quantifying developer activity due to the fungible nature of commits and lack of a unique id for work, as well as our solutions to this challenge.

We also explore the correlation between developer activity and a project’s future success, particularly regarding token price-performance where we see a notable, and we be

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