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Before this week’s Debrief, we have some exciting news we announced on Friday: introducing Delphi Labs, the next step in Delphi Digital’s evolution.

Our goal with Delphi Labs is simple: to pull together the sharpest intellectual capital and allocate it to help build the most promising projects in the space.

We have already been working with many of the most ambitious projects in the space such as Aave, COMP, Synthetix and THORChain, among many others. In doing so, we’ve come to realize that the scarcest resource these projects face isn’t money, but talent.

Similar to what SushiSwap and THORChain are already doing, we see a future where “core teams” dissolve away and a broad “exit to community” gets built and governed by independent teams from all over the world. We intend for Delphi Labs to be the leading contributor to this future.

Delphi Labs will initially focus on token economics & development, areas where we have a proven track record. Over time, our goal is to expand our capabilities to anything that can help the projects we contribute to, guided by their needs and our ability to find exceptional talent.

The vision for the crypto space is nothing less than re-architecting how finance, the internet, and gaming work from the ground up. To execute this vision, we need even more builders and contributors to enter the space. If this vision speaks to you and you believe you can contribute, we want to hear from you.

Our goal is to become a leading contributor in building this decentralized futureRead more about Delphi Labs here.






Codename BONSAI! by John Jimin Noh and Medio Demarco

Loopring Leads L2 Adoption by Ashwath Balakrishnan

Key Takeaways:


Visualizing Value Flows In & Out Of Avalance by Can Gurel

With the launch of the cross-chain Avalanche-Ethereum (AEB) bridge and community built decentralized exchange Pangolin, one after the other, Avalanche undeniably went through a very successful and exciting few weeks. Avalanche’s native token, AVAX, whipsawed from a $1bn circulating market cap up past $4bn and has now settled back at $2bn all over the course of the past 20 days. The rise of AVAX was mainly driven by the launch of Pangolin’s governance token, PNG, which was allocated 95% to community liquidity miners. As a consequence of such a generous distribution, liquidity in Pangolin rose from zero to $250m in just a few days. All these achievements sparked a lot of attention and allowed a perfect environment for many DeFi users to test drive Avalanche’s relatively new C-Chain blockchain.

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Boson Protocol: Bridging The Physical And Digital Worlds With Decentralized Commerce




As mentioned, we will continue to iterate on the design of our Delphi Debrief based on your feedback—so please let us know which section you enjoy the most and what else you’d like to see!

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