Key Points:

  • Debank is trying to be the front page of DeFi. It is a next-generation DeFi wallet that is used to track your portfolio, explore DeFi projects, as well as compare rates to discover investment opportunities through detailed real-time on-chain data.
  • Instead of using a multitude of user interfaces for different DeFi apps, Debank aggregates them all into one location.
  • Debank has created its own proprietary backend which powers its own aggregator, so users have access to competitive trading execution prices through the aggregation of trade aggregators themselves.
  • The rise of a one-stop-shop destination for all DeFi activities is inevitable in our opinion. The ability to have one destination vs a multitude of disparate ones for all DeFi activities (tracking, activities, investing) will be central to the space. Debank can achieve serious network effects and lock-in as it becomes a household name in DeFi, embedded into the muscle memory of all users.


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