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In an earlier note in October 2020, I touched upon the launch of Flow which is a new, purpose-built blockchain from the creators of CryptoKitties. At the time I wrote: 

“Dapper Labs are obviously well positioned within this space having built the #1 dapp in the world (by $ traded), the world’s first blockchain battle royale, and a streamlined wallet. Once an experience takes advantage of their new technology on offer, might we see another break-out success that ultimately draws in other ecosystem participants? If they can build upon their early momentum in the partnerships domain, then they may be able to introduce a sufficient amount of recognized IP to kick-start a fresh ecosystem with a gravity of its own aided by broader mainstream appeal.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems beyond doubt that exactly that is happening. Yesterday marked a historic day for Dapper Labs as their latest product called NBA Top Shot which operates on Flow, hit a $7M day of volume and in doing so took the collectible podium from CryptoKitties. In the 24 hours from 24th-25th January across almost 7,000 buyers completed 52,000 transactions. Rather than individual player cards like many of us are used to, NBA Top Shot allows users to collect individual “moments in time” of legendary plays in various matches.

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