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Hey everyone, I’m Josh with Cryo Security, a crypto security firm that engineers security solutions for clients ranging from node infrastructure to custody management. I’ve been involved in cryptocurrency for a few years now. I’m a privacy advocate that focuses on a crypto-security first framework. Open solutions require knowledge from different perspectives, I wanted to address common errors that any user can fix and apply today with relatively little effort. Given on-going hacks and security concerns in the crypto space, I’ve been working with the Delphi team on this guest post to inform Delphi Digital members on best practices to help secure their digital lives.

All expert posts are reviewed for content and analysis by Delphi (Tom Shaughnessy for this post) and none are paid for by any means.

Password Managers

Password managers are encrypted databases that randomly generate and securely store your passwords for you. You only need to remember the master password to gain entry to the encrypted password manager database.

  • Humans are poor at creating random passwords and have an even tougher time remembering those passwords. The randomly generated password created by the password manager breaks up common use heuristics. Your password is not limited by your imagination which then increases the potential key space.
  • Randomly generated passwords prevent having to up

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