Today we released a report on Crypto Art. We shed light on an eclectic mix of the artists contributing to the growing ecosystem. We provide an overview of the marketplaces currently available, as well as brief commentary on how we think things could evolve. With the recent advent of yield farming across virtual goods protocols, we expect competitive dynamics to heat up as the battle for market share comes to the fore. Alongside the fight for a podium spot amongst more generic marketplaces, there exists the possibility for more specialized platforms to dominate certain niches. 

One of the appealing aspects of Crypto Art more broadly is that nothing needs to be built for the core value proposition to be delivered upon—it already works. As the talent pool reaches critical mass, the gravitational pull of this compelling distribution and monetization toolset is beginning to exert itself on the digital art scene at large. Artists have historically been pioneers, risk takers, and sought to push the envelope. That characterization seems to be continuing as they embrace this new chapter.

For collectors, curators, and investors, unprecedented ease of access has been unlocked, as well as new dimensions to what is actually doable. The programmability of crypto artwork enables an entirely new design space for us to explore. Platforms such as Async are even beginning to augment the very relationship between creator and “consumer” in interesting ways, as interactive

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