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This July, CREAM Finance launched; a decentralized money market protocol and fork of Compound to allow users to lend or borrow different tokens. The project has a native token, CREAM, which has a circulating supply of 150k (FD of 9M) and a circulating market cap of around ~$15M (FD is $966M) and ~$100M in total value locked. 


CREAM finance is slightly differentiated vs Compound in that it is not domiciled in the U.S. so they are able to list assets faster than Compound – for example CREAM has listed BAL, YFI, yCRV, renBTC, yyCRV, SUSHI and FTT which are not listed for lending/borrowing on COMP. The other key difference is the CREAM team is very quick to provide bonus incentives (more CREAM tokens) for new listings to incentivize liquidity, MTA is a recent example.

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