Yesterday, Andre Cronje, the creator of Yearn Finance wrote an article called “Building in defi sucks (part 2)” in which he expresses his frustrations in dealing with the crypto community:

Development takes time, much longer than even you, as a developer, think it will. Nine out of ten ideas will fail. You can spend months or years building on something that conceptually you thought would take a few weeks. This is part of the process. This in itself can be demotivating. But now, add hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people shouting on telegram, discord, and twitter “when will it be released?”, “why hasn’t it been released?”, “give us an update!”, and often, significantly more hostile messages. So take something that is already difficult, and make it exponentially worse.

Many years ago, pre-crypto when the Perl programming language was dominant, I was quite heavily involved in open source development and the experience was not a toxic one. The community was supportive, collaborative and understanding. If anything, it was the other devs who were sometimes toxic. But in my case the failure of the projects would just be a mild inconvenience to the community rather than a significant percentage of their net worth vanishing.

I talked to a few developers of the leading DeFi projects to get their take, and this is the consensus:

The pressure is immense – if the project has a token then your community is mostly going to be investo

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