This weekend marked a monumental milestone for the Crypto Art scene at large. Beeple, a legendary digital artist who has risen to fame after consistently outputting one artwork a day for over 13 years, has entered the space with a bang. 4976 consecutive days of dedication brought him all the way to crypto art. In just 48 hours, he sold over $3.5 million of digital artwork.

Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, first entered the space at the end of October when he released two single-edition pieces and a 100x $1 piece drop on Nifty Gateway (Winkelmann meets Winklevoss) that instantly sold out for a combined total of over $130,000. His recent “2020 Collection” has been the source of eager anticipation for weeks across the crypto art space. We can comfortably say it defied all expectation.  

I touched upon the different art marketplace approaches in a report from April and another at the start of October. One of Nifty Gateway’s primary differentiators has been their curated “drop” model. The Nifty team will often actively seek artists from the traditional art world and introduce them to this new world, as well as help them orchestrate their first drops. Whilst they have seen great successes this year with famous drops like Trevor Jones’ Picasso Bull, Beeple was next-level. He was unusually quick to familiarize himself with the space, as well as produce something new by blending physical and digital with elegance. The collection was split int

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