“The Internet Economy is evolving into an investable market almost at the exact moment we need it to.”

Crypto is macro. In fact, the rise of Bitcoin and crypto assets is arguably the biggest macro trend in markets today.

There are many macro concepts that have gained prominence among crypto investors the last few years; look no further than the virality of the “money printer go brrr” memes, which occasionally flood everyone’s Twitter feeds as narratives around “money printing” and fiat currency devaluation take on a life of their own.

Over the years, I’ve found that oftentimes the most basic questions hold the key to understanding some of the most important relationships in markets and investing. But too often we shy away from seemingly “basic” concepts in favor of more complex answers, myself included, which is why I was excited to *virtually* sit down with Nathaniel Whittemore (aka “NLW”) on his popular podcast, The Breakdown, to talk through some of the foundational concepts of macro investing and how they relate to the broader crypto movement (see below for more detail on the topics covered).

The above quote was a response to why I believe we’re going to see increased capital flow from conventional assets into those best positioned to take advantage of the emerging Internet Economy, of which bitcoin and crypto certainly stand to benefit. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about the crypto movement is it’s unloc

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