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  • Arweave is the leading protocol/network attempting to offer permanent data storage in a decentralized, censorship resistant way.
  • There is an innovative economic model with an endowment pool that’s geared towards long-term sustainability.
  • For NFTs and Web3 apps, it offers a strong value proposition for permanently storing/hosting relevant data in an accessible way.
  • Even though storage costs are denominated in AR, Arweave has a well thought out pricing mechanism that adjusts the AR/megabyte cost during volatile price swings, without frequently relying on an external oracle. 
  • New use cases could be created based on the unique building blocks available such as data provenance, data availability, proof of existence, etc.


  • Forever is a long time. If users need to pay a higher price today, relative to alternative solutions, because they’re pre-paying future storage costs upfront, then that data truly needs to be available for decades to come for the value proposition to make sense.
  • As Arweave sees increased adoption, the amount of data it’s storing will grow exponentially (it’s already at ~8.5 TB). Due to this, miner centralization is a real concern despite valid efforts being made to counteract it (i.e. nodes

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