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Disclosures: Delphi has claimed UNI tokens and we still have exposure to it. 

After much anticipation, Uniswap finally released its protocol token, UNI, late last night. Of the 600m UNI tokens allocated to community rewards, 150m of them are claimable right now. If you’ve ever interacted with Uniswap, all you have to do is visit the swapper, connect your account and a notification will appear letting you claim your rewards. For those with multiple addresses, go and check each one by one, to make sure you claim all of the UNI tokens you’re entitled to. The reward for trading through Uniswap, even if it was only one time or a failed transaction, is 400 UNI, which at current prices is worth $1,344 per address. Liquidity providers received even more, getting ~1k UNI each, worth a current value of $3.36k.

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