A couple of days ago our team hosted the second analyst call this month where we discussed our recent reports and our Institutional members also joined us live. For any members who couldn’t make it, we recorded the call and are sharing the full video below. For convenience, we’ve also cut up the video into segments with context for each below. 

Topics Covered:

  • 2:05 – MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Blueprint with Kevin Kelly
  • 5:45 – Bitcoin ETF, Funds & Futures with Kevin Kelly
  • 6:27 – Inflation Expectations with Kevin Kelly
  • 8:55 – Mirror & Terra Analysis with Medio Demarco
  • 13:30 – Cosmos IBC Launch with Medio Demarco
  • 15:50 – How Nexus Can Incentivize Auditors with Medio Demarco
  • 21:43 – NFTs: The Lay of The Land with Piers Kicks
  • 24:15 – Harvest Finance with Ashwath Balakrishnan


Individual Segments:

Our in-house macro strategist Kevin Kelly kicked off the analyst call discussing recent Bitcoin developments related to MicroStrategy’s debt offering, BTC ETF approval and inflation expectations. 


Our Head of Research Medio Demarco

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