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“How can I better capture DeFi performance in my portfolio?”. As DeFi tokens continue running, more and more people will ask this question. Some current options for wider DeFi exposure are buying sDEFI on Synthetix or trading DeFi perps on FTX. One could research and buy tokens individually but similar to traditional finance, I expect with time and adoption for more passive and broad-based allocation strategies to emerge. PieDAO is an interesting solution which essentially combines DAOs and DeFi, to create a new way to manage and create crypto index funds.

Introducing PIEDAO, the asset allocation DAO:

PieDAO is a decentralized organization where anyone can participate in the creation of tokenized portfolios called “Pies” that have exposure to digital and traditional assets (via synthetic assets). PieDAO democratizes access to passive investment strategies and plays a role in the governance of underlying indexes.

This contrasts traditional finance where ETFs, while popular, have their drawbacks. For example, they can be inaccessible to large portions of the population due to capital requirements, geographic restrictions and expenses. PieDAO is simply an open canvas for the design of index funds.

PIEs can be thought of as decentralized ETFs where pool tokens are traded as assets themselves, similar to a traditional ETF. PieDAO enables the creatio

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