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Macro Matters host Kevin Kelly sits down with Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets & DLT at TD Ameritrade.

Episode Highlights

Macro Matters host Kevin Kelly sits down with Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets & DLT at TD Ameritrade. In this conversation, Sunayna and Kevin discuss:

  • Consensus among traditional investors and sentiment towards Bitcoin and digital assets.
  • The growing demand among RIAs to understand Bitcoin and its potential role in a multi-asset portfolio context.
  • The rise of DeFi and digital assets as a kind of “Mayday” event.
  • The importance of explaining the “how to” when it comes to education as crypto starts to seep into mainstream conversation.

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Show Notes

(2:21)    –  TDA’s stance on Digital Assets

(7:29)    –  The rise of Digital Assets and DeFi leading to the next Mayday event

(13:23)    –  DeFi as a multidisciplinary ecosystem

(15:20)    –  TD’s core client & the demographic of TD’s target audience

(22:40)    –  TD’s Clients, struggles with Digital Assets Space concepts

(27:47)    –  The growth in Bitcoin and digital asset interest among traditional investors

(33:12)    –  The mainstream movement

(39:09)    –  The biggest deterrents still holding investors back & the necessary tools still needed to accelerate widespread adoption

(44:29)    –  Importance of education & what we in the crypto community can do to better inform traditional investors and RIAs of the opportunities and risks in this space

(49:18)   –   Closing thoughts



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Nov 30, 2020 | 51 minutes | Macro Matters

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