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Host Tom Shaughnessy talks to Akin Sawyerr a Strategy and Governance Lead for Decred. Akin discusses getting involved with the Decred platform, governance, and community-building.

Key Points
  1. Decred is unique for its transparent, token-holder led governance.
  2. A community mindset of searching for the best solution to a problem increases transparency and decreases contention.
  3. Decred wants to build incrementally and develop iteratively in order to maintain a strong community and culture.

Episode Highlights
  • Africa is the most expensive area to move money. The free, open-source tech isn’t the issue, but the government network.
  • Anyone in Decred’s network can propose, vote on, and debate ideas and feedback.
  • There are pitfalls to token-holder governance, which is why Bitcoin doesn’t have it, but Akin sees it as giving the people with economic stake in the network and a stake in governance.
  • Decred is working towards being a DAO, and using their cryptocurrency Politeia and technology built for Politeia in new implementations and new use cases.
  • Decred is one of the only cryptocurrencies that hasn’t had a major PR scandal or problem arise.
  • Decred’s biggest goals looking forward are to launch lightning support and a split-ticketing system.
  • Akin believes Decred isn’t in the top 10 coins because it requires a bit of a learning and participation curve to get involved.
  • Decred has the highest voter turnout for governance issues of all cryptos.
  • Decred has a consistent philosophy about their protocols, down to having a constitution

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Host Tom Shaughnessy talks to Akin Sawyerr a Strategy and Governance Lead for Decred. Akin discusses getting involved with the Decred platform, governance, and community-building.

Jan 6, 2020 | 35 min | Chain Reaction

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