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We’re happy to announce the next stage in Delphi’s evolution: Delphi Labs.

Our goal with Delphi Labs is simple: to pull together the sharpest intellectual capital and allocate it to help build the most promising projects in the space.

We have already been working with many of the most ambitious projects in the space such as Aave, COMP, Synthetix and THORChain, among many others. In doing so, we’ve come to realize that the scarcest resource these projects face isn’t money, but talent. The vision for the crypto space is nothing less than re-architecting how finance, the internet, and gaming work from the ground up. To execute  this vision, we need even more builders and contributors to enter the space. As they do, we see a future where projects progressively decentralize and exit  their communities to be built and governed by independent teams of contributors from all around the world. Collectively, these contributors will build the future of the space.

Our goal is to become a leading contributor in building this decentralized future

The Path to Delphi Labs

From early on, we realized that tokeneconomics was one of the most important, misunderstood and underexplored areas in crypto. We also recognized that given our backgrounds in finance and economics, it was an area we were uniquely positioned to tackle.Token economics quickly became one of our primary research interests and specialities. In our reports, we dove deep into incentive alignment, value capture, long-term sustainability, and experimented with different ways to model token value accrual.

These skills helped us spot some notable winners particularly early on such as Synthetix, THORChain, and Nexus Mutual, among many others.

Having developed a reputation for token economic analysis through our research, projects began reaching out to us, both pre and post-launch, to help them either design or optimize their token economic models. Having added our CTO, Luke Saunders and a team of skilled devs to our roster, we’ve since expanded our capabilities to offer development services also. We’re proud of the value that we have added across key areas to many of the leading projects in the space.

Initially, Labs will continue to focus on token economics and development — where we have a proven track record. Over time, our goal is to expand our capabilities in  all areas that can add value to projects we partner with, including strategy, product strategy & management, UX design, and more. With the objective of maximizing our impact, this will be a gradual process guided by the needs of the projects we work with. As we develop these skills, our ultimate goal is for Delphi Labs to have the capacity to assist  projects at an increasingly earlier stage, eventually becoming an incubator/venture builder in the crypto space.

How Labs Integrates With The Broader Delphi Organization

Delphi’s broad vision is to advance the understanding and development of the crypto space. Delphi Labs will be part of the broader Delphi organization, comprising three existing successful and synergistic business lines.

Research will continue to be focused on the progressive understanding of digital assets, providing the leading institutional-grade, actionable research in the digital asset space. Ventures and Labs will be focused on advancing the development of the space by investing financial and human capital into the projects we believe in.

While the business lines will operate independently, we will be actively sharing deal flow, insights and alpha, compounding our intellectual capital moat across the entire organization. With a growing team of 25 full-time staff, including 15 experienced analysts and 6 developers, we believe there is truly no better vantage point from which to explore and bet on this space. Knowledge in crypto compounds insatiably fast, and most of our team has been researching the space extensively together  for a number of years (several lifetimes in crypto), each specializing in their particular areas of interest. This cumulative IP, combined with unique insights gleaned from working directly alongside teams via our consulting business, gives us a massive edge in spotting and capitalizing on the next big trends.

We have been bootstrapped from the ground up with no external financing. While we’re extremely proud of the Delphi brand and organization we’ve built thus far, we truly believe the organization is now positioned to become one of the most significant and impactful organizations in a multi-trillion dollar crypto space. We’re looking for individuals who share this vision and are excited to help make it happen.

Join us…

Our goal is to continue to build the deepest bench of talent in the crypto space. We’re hiring across a variety of positions including devs, research analysts, operations and growth.

You’ll be working alongside some of the sharpest minds in crypto, helping to build the projects that shape the future of the industry. As anyone who joined us will attest to, Delphi is a true meritocracy where your rate of progress will be limited only by your own initiative. We truly believe there’s no better vantage point for talented individuals to explore and bet on the crypto space. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Uncapped potential: Delphi is constantly growing and you’ll have the ability to take on as much responsibility as you want, progressing with the organization.
  • Learning: You’ll benefit from the cumulative knowledge base of the Delphi team as well as the funds and projects we work with. The only limit to your rate of learning will be your own initiative.
  • Network: You’ll be building alongside some of the top project teams and founders in the space, as well as regularly interacting with prominent funds and investors.
  • Autonomy: You’ll be able to work remotely and, as long as core responsibilities are met, set your own schedule based on where your interests lie.
  • Compensation: Our structure puts us in a unique position to attract great talent as we can leverage talent and provide incentives across the business lines.

If you’re interested, please get in touch. If you know someone who might be a good fit for any of the roles described above, we’ll also be paying $5,000 for successful referrals.

Let’s get building!